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Arithmemouse Times Tables

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Gameplay Video:
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Times Tables Warp teaches times tables facts 0-12.
For children, it helps take the drudgery out of learning providing an alternative to 2D drill games or flash cards.
For teachers and parents, it provides a  powerful tool that facilitates teaching times tables.

The best way to use Times Tables Warp is simply to play it the night before timed tests. 
Times Tables are important to say the least. It's an affordable but valuable investment in your child's future.

Available for  Mac  Personal Computers from within the Mac App store (the "A" like icon on your dashboard) and is  also available for Ipad, Iphone and all Ipod Touch devices within Itunes.

Controls: IOS/mobile version-- tilt just like a steering wheel to move and tap screen to shoot.
Mac desktop/laptops-- use arrow keys to move and press space bar to shoot.

Write support [at] arithmemouse.com for  questions or feedback.
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