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Do you know a robot mouse who can help teach math?

I do...


Tinman Learning is a small private company dedicated to bringing innovative educational games to children. Tinman Learning's first game, Arithmemouse Times Tables, was created by Galen Tingle, serving as both video game artist and coder. (Galen, a veteran of the video game and "web3D" industries, is also the founder of Tinman Learning.) Galen lives with his wife, two children, and two dogs in Rocky River, Ohio.

Arithmemouse products, are created to appeal to both boys and girls. They are designed to help give children a headstart on their life's jouney.

"We are the stewards for future generations; and though we cannot build a world entirely designed for enriching children, many of us can try sometimes to make it a better learning environment for them. For better or worse, we live in an entertainment media-focused culture; all the while, we have ever increasing academic expectations of children. This almost mutually exclusive situation (higher and higher academic standards and constant high volume vacation-for-the-mind focused media) puts teachers, parents, students and school administrators in a bind. We need new educational tools to fit the powerful newer paradigms of our culture-- all this to be responsible stewards helping ensure our culture grows in a positive way."

Galen Tingle



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